Like A Mother, let's take care of each other.(A Covid relief initiative)

It is a national crisis, India is suffering and we want to help as many as we can.

On the occasion of Mother’s day we are launching our initiative “Like a Mother” towards covid-19 relief efforts of various foundations and individuals. During the month of May we at Gulaal Jewels pledge to donate 40% of all our Sale Proceeds to these two foundations @hemkunt_foundation & @give_india.

The campaign shall be 100% transparent. All the funds allocation information will be shared with you all.

A part of the fund raised will be assorted for immediate aid towards providing oxygen, verified information on availability of beds, transfers and medicine.

Please come forward, donate and make a difference. It’s now or never!

This Is Us

" Gulaal गुलाल (Gulab + Laxmi) - A name derived out of the two strongest pillars of my life, my roots, "My Parents", without whom this was not possible."

Brainchild of jewellery junkie Ankita Rana, Gulaal comes with a penchant for perfection - parading the marriage of authenticity and aesthetics. We strive to create a perfect balance between our curated and created pieces.  Enriching your personal style while keeping it classy and unique with just the right amount of sparkle to make it ideal for any occasion is our main focus. We at Gulaal promise that the thought and heart we've put in building Gulaal is equal to the thought and heart we will put to get you each and every one of these beautiful and elegant pieces.   



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